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Prompt Critical Core

Prompt Critical Core

About the project

I was invited to compose a piece for Spectrum Music‘s 100 Seconds To Midnight concert series in mid-2020. I was excited by the challenge of writing music for other musicians to perform; something I don’t often do. The song was written from the conceptual jumping-off point of early nuclear armament development, and the criticality events that peppered those early days.

“Prompt Critical Core” by Lex Metcalfe. Performed in Toronto at Spectrum Music’s Dec 11th, 2020 concert “100 Seconds To Midnight”.

Caleb Klager, bass guitar
Yunjin Claire Lee, piano/synthesizer
Marito Marques, drums/percussion
Jeff-Antoine Cote (ACOTE), modular synthesizer

Client: Lex Metcalfe

Release date: December 11, 2020

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