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Sound Design

Emergent Fates

Emergent Fates

About the project

Emergent Fates is a Japanese inspired Role Playing Game about finding identity and purpose in a world where your fate has already been decided.

Personable characters, rich world history and a fully realized storyline are combined with beautiful water-coloured 2d graphics for an artistic and narrative experience, while multi-class leveling, and turn-based battles allow for the customization and immersion which are staples of roleplaying.

I worked on Emergent Fates as a Sound Designer, where my main role was to come in and support Leila Forsyth’s inventive audio through polish and iteration. Coming onto this project at the end of its development cycle was exciting because I got to look at the work rather empirically, seeing where things fit or could be modified. It was really fun working with another Sound Designer in this capacity.

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Client: Emergent Fates

Release date: April 4, 2020

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