Lex Metcalfe

Lex Metcalfe is a Sound Designer and Music Composer for digital games based in Toronto. Since 2016, they have been exploring the melding of sound and game design through client work and personal projects. Working with developers to breathe life into games is what draws them to the medium, with their focus being on world building and designing soundscapes that fit the universe of a project.
They have experience with direct implementation through Unity and Source Control, and audio middleware solutions such as FMOD Studio.

They are immersed in Toronto’s vibrant game development scene, regularly attending the Game Audio Breakfast Club and co-hosting The Game Audio Campfire.
Lex has given talks at establishments like The Screen Composer’s Guild of Canada on topics such as integrating with a development team as a sound designer.

Outside of game audio, Lex handles songwriting, performance and production in their band Waxlimbs, whose electrifying live shows can be experienced around the Toronto music scene.